At Pavo Consulting we bring value to our customers by helping them build their brand, shaping their culture and increase their profitability. We do this with innovative solutions and unique concepts that contributes successfully to our customers and partners ambition. 

Our core values

Our core values are important and comes naturally for us. We are and want to be percieved as genuine, creative and professional.


We Always strive to be and be perceived as genuine in our way of working and how we act and interact with others. To be this it requires curiosity and openness towards others! To challenge ourselves and dare to be honest and respectful  towards others is a matter of course for us. All these are important skills for us as "Pavopilots" and this demands that we trust the process and in others.


We Believe in having fun when we work! Laughter releases endorphins and we believe this contributes to even better thinkinig and performance. We always strive to have fun at work and with that a big desire to be creative in all we do. With new challenges arising and markets that continuously changing we need to have a culture where we can be creative and have new and different perspective on things.  


To understand our client's challenges and needs are important for us to be able to adapt and come with the right recipe for success. We are confident in that our concepts contributes to it purpose. Our concepts contains a core that we dont change and this core have a close connection to our core beliefs on how learning and change are best done. The shell outside our core can be adapted to our customers needs and challenges. With our knowledge and experience together with a clear view and right sized portion of confidence we can find unique solutions. Smart choices make us able to challenge in a professional way and deliver concepts that add valuer for our customers development and profitability. To stay firm in our beliefs and knowledge with respect for the customer's needs we dare to say we are professional and friendly yet challenging partner.