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We work with the most brave companies and forward thinking people that dare to challenge them selves and present perception and knowledge. The field we are operating in is organizational and talent development. We love to see people flourish and create innovative solutions. With our solutions we want to be part of helping our customers to be more purpose driven with an open culture to explore the unknown. Dare to take a step out in the unknown with us and you will see that we will make you the star.  

First step is the hardest!

With our support we will put you in the driver seat and your company will stand out and take the lead by doing things differently. Whether you need to build a stronger brand or internal Culture with a purpose driven leadership or other challenging topics and you are looking for someone to work for your success, we are professionals with our heart on the right place.

We work Close to our customers to find the best purpose fit solution. We like to see our customers as our partners since we develop unique solutions custom fit for your business and people needs and growth. Our vision with Pavo Consulting is to build a business that can play a vital part in redefining talent development and organizational efficiency. We design custom fit solutions for business transformation where talent and organizational development can improve in a joint solution. We cooperate with partners that dare to innovate solutions that fits tomorrow challenges.  

We develop innovative concepts and bring new Products, Services and Methods as new brands on the global market or as custom fit solutions for our customers. Contact us if you want to learn more about our solutions or us as a Company. With our solutions we strive to make it easy to use and always bring high value to the customer.

About Pavo Consulting

About us

At Pavo Consulting we bring value to our customers by helping them build their brand, shaping their culture and increase their profitability. We do this with innovative solutions and unique concepts that contributes successfully to our customers and partners ambition. We have a passion for individual and organizational development.

Stefan Magnusson is the owner and senior consultant at Pavo Consulting. Pavo means peacock in Latin and we would like to see that we all bring out the best in our selves and our suroundings. With the right leadership and company culture we can unleach our inner potential we all have. Stefan has over 20 years of experience from HR in complex, global leading organizations. Lets team up and do great things for your success!

"We need to dare, dare to think and do things never been done before. Small and simple ideas can evolve to new great innovations, we just need to be open for all the ideas that seem to be junk at first. We also need to have the best interest in our own and others wellbeing to prosper and do meaningful things for a sustainable world!"

Stefan Magnusson

Our values


We Always strive to be and be perceived as genuine in our way of working and how we act and interact with others. To be this it requires curiosity and openness towards others! To challenge ourselves and dare to be honest and respectful towards others is part of our DNA. All these are important skills for us as "Pavopilots" and this demands that we trust the process and in others.


We Believe in having fun when we work! Laughter releases endorphins and we believe this contributes to even better thinking and performance. We always strive to have fun at work and with that a big desire to be creative in all we do. With new challenges arising and markets that continuously changing we need to have a culture where we can be creative and have new and different perspective on things.


To understand our client's challenges and needs are important for us to be able to adapt and come with the right recipe for success. We are confident in that our concepts contributes to it purpose. We support and challenge in a professional way and deliver concepts that adds value for our customers development and profitability. To stay firm in our beliefs and knowledge with respect for the customers' needs we dare to say we are professional and friendly yet challenging partner.  

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