Our offer

At Pavo Consulting we have extended experience from high performing support that makes our customers succeed and perform beyond expectations. We support your wellbeing in the areas of organizational and people development. With customize solutions to meet your challenges within our areas of expertise. With our own creative brands we can support your development as well. Have a look what we can do for you.

Talent Management

Get ahead of your competition and improve your way of working with talent management. We customize solutions for an excellent way to grow your talents within your organization. With long experience working with talent management, we know what it takes.

Performance Management

We believe that an efficient performance management work can make a huge difference. The traditional way of doing this is not going to be enough going forward. Contact us and we design your next way of working to grow performance.

Saga Feedback

Saga Feedback is a unique concept that can be the game changer in your ability to give feedback and create a value in your role as a leader, HR, coach, teacher, consultant or similar. Saga is a versatile tool that can improve dialog and enhance feedback for a successful performance. Check out our web page. www.sagafeedback.se

Change Management

We have deep experience in getting change done. We support your need to move your organization closer to a future ability to perform and get a sustainable way of working done.

Interim HR 

With long experience from HR in a global and complex organizational environment, we support with interim HR support. If you want a trustworthy, creative and coaching leader who is brave to step in all sorts of situations, don’t look any further. Check LinkedIn for more info.

Action Learning

Learning by doing – the most efficient way to learn. From our unique concept we customize modules that fits your purpose. With action learning we drive your leadership forward. Imagen getting change done and develop your people by doing so.